were we ever tho we just wanted our babies to make pancakes and snuggle like

you raise a rly good point 

pancakes and snuggling were my main goals in rping p much

whats the point in them tho

so ppl know you’re working on your drafts?? who the fuck knows

what happened how old am I we used to just be like okay rp time or noT RP TIME I DON’ TUDNERSTAND

we’re just old and cranky now caro. we’re no longer hip to the times 


Thank you, Sam.

( Seriously, I want a Cap belly warmer. )

#SAME   #me   #iron boyfriend  
wait what are banners have I really been out of the rp bubble for this long

like ppl make graphics, usually with their muse, that say online or offline in big letters and post them when they log in/log out and i just

this world is moving much too quick for me